Be Our Guest

I don’t think I’m looking for too much in a man…

put up with me singing Be Our Guest and all other songs from Beauty and the Beast as I have a mix of apprehension and eagerness for the live action version.



I don’t think I am looking for too much in a man just…

tolerate my Awe at the #Brexit vote, or any major change that Britain votes on.  I stayed up passed midnight watching the votes come in on BBC World News.  I did the same for the vote on Scottish independence.  I am OK if you don’t understand my love of the BBC and watching these votes, but I need you to at least tolerate it.

Small Towns

I don’t think I’m looking for too much in a man just…

Be Understanding of my love of walking around a small town.  Even in the heat talking around and browsing in the local bookstore, a local general store, and taking in the Concert on the Green

The charm of a small town compared to the hectic city is what I love, and I love it when there are still small towns with an active Main Street.


I don’t think I’m looking for too much in a man just…

Understand and appreciate that I love bacon.

The waiter today asked if adding bacon to a hamburger would be a problem, after questioning who does not like bacon, the only correct response that the waiter had was “Strange people who are not my friends.”  That is the attitude of the man of my dreams.

I met a very nice man, but the prospect of a second date ended less than 5 minutes into the first date when he told me he was a vegan and it was a deal breaker if I wasn’t.  My response, without missing a beat, was that I loved bacon too much so did we just want to call it a night or have dinner.  I had pancetta and he had a tomato…nice guy, great conversation, but no second date.