Drive to Achieve

I don’t think I’m looking for too much in a man…

the Drive for him to want to achieve things in his life.  The achievements can adapt as life happens, and as the goals are achieved.  I did’t realize how hard it was to find someone who has that internal drive, but sadly it is.  That ambition and drive to achieve something and keep going after you meet that goal seems to be hard to find in men around my age.



I don’t think I’m looking for too much in a man just…

Enjoy the Pure happiness of finding a hidden gem like the bench above while wandering around a small town.  This “love” was hidden in an alcove on a side street in a small town that I love to spend time in, and each time I am there it is pure joy to find something new (last time it was a community pool two blocks off main street).


I don’t think I am looking for too much in a man just…

tolerate my Awe at the #Brexit vote, or any major change that Britain votes on.  I stayed up passed midnight watching the votes come in on BBC World News.  I did the same for the vote on Scottish independence.  I am OK if you don’t understand my love of the BBC and watching these votes, but I need you to at least tolerate it.